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June Fly Tying Tip – Web Resources – Part II

Dave Boyer creates fly tying tip of the month. Dave is a Tri-Lakes Fly Fishers member and president of North Arkansas Fly Fishers.

To continue on last month’s topic, videos of fly tying that I feel are some of the best. By best, I am primarily talking about techniques and clarity in instructions. There are plenty of good tying “teachers” out there, these are some of the first ones I go to if looking to point someone to a technique, materials, or patterns.

Tim Flagler and his tightline videos. He is also referenced through the Orvis web site as one of the best.  Tim Flagler is Fly Tyer of the Year 2022 winner for Fly Tyer Magazine. He has videos on tying as well as some one-minute techniques: tightlinevideo – YouTube

Another one I really like is Davie McPhail, from Scotland. For some, his accent is hard to understand, but a very good tier and instructor: Davie McPhail – YouTube

One of the first tyers sites I went to and still like is Charlie Craven. I had him come to the Long Beach Casting Club for a weekend of tying as a result of his teaching ability and clarity of his photos and videos: Charlie’s Fly Box – YouTube

Another that has some great information is Kelly Gallop. He covers most concepts and issues that can go wrong. He covers not only tying but equipment and general fly fishing: TheSlideinn – YouTube.

There are other good tyers out there, these are just the first I go to. My suggestion is to watch the tyers above, their techniques and teaching methods. From them you will be able to tell questionable techniques and better judge tying quality of tyers.