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June Fly Tying Tip – Alternate Tools

Dave Boyer is an accomplished fly tyer and creates fly tying tip of the month for several club newsletters and websites. Dave is a Tri-Lakes Fly Fishers member and past president of North Arkansas Fly Fishers.

When dealing with small hooks stored in a magnetic case or pack, using a tweezer can be much more effective than using your fingers, especially in tight spaces or if you have larger fingers. However, standard metal tweezers can become magnetized, making it difficult to pick up a single hook at a time due to the magnetic attraction causing multiple hooks to stick together. (Photo 1 – Bottom Tool)

David Boyer
Dave Boyer

To address this issue, an alternative tweezer design with non-metallic ends is recommended. These tweezers prevent magnetization and allow you to pick up a single hook at a time, as shown in the top part of the provided image. This solution simplifies the process and prevents the frustration of grabbing multiple hooks unintentionally. (Photo 1 Top Tool)

Photo 1

Another handy tool to consider is a pair of lead shears, which are small wire cutters equipped with a retention system, as shown in photo #2. This retention system keeps the jaws closed around the material being cut, ensuring that small clumps of hair or other difficult-to-hold items are securely held in place until you can grab them with your fingers.

These shears are particularly effective not only for cutting standard long hair but excel at managing short, stiff hairs like moose hock or similar materials. The design allows for precise and clean cuts while preventing the material from slipping away, making your task much easier and more efficient, as illustrated in photo #3.

Photo 2
Photo 3

Search for >Authentic InnoVaper Precision Ceramic Tweezers= or >Planto Shears Model 175 Lead Shears=. (NOTE: Be sure to search for Model 175 which is the only model that has the retention device.

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